Aerodynamics expertise drives NASCAR success

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Aerodynamics expertise drives NASCAR success

JTG Daugherty Racing were keen to enhance their performance in the NASCAR Cup Series, and tasked us with developing aerodynamic improvements that would help achieve on-track success.

Using our highly efficient approach to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), JTG Daugherty Racing were able to benefit from a highly iterative development programme that delivered cost-effective aerodynamic improvements that, in turn, produced results on the racetrack.

When developing aerodynamic performance enhancements using CFD, our process differs to that of other service providers. The perception is that effective CFD can often be expensive and time-consuming, or affordable but unable to generate accurate results.

However, we have been able to significantly enhance both the accuracy and speed of the process by using a combination of ANSYS Fluent CFD software and our own in-house developed packages such as CAD-Check. By rapidly checking CAD data for viability early in the process, CAD-Check reduces the chances of delays further downstream due to unexpected errors.

As a result, we can achieve highly effective CFD analysis that includes more runs than would otherwise be possible, delivering higher quality results to the client within a compressed timescale. With a more time-efficient process, we can also afford to use larger mesh sizes to analyse specific areas in far greater detail, and in this case that meant JTG Daugherty Racing were able to benefit from greater accuracy of analysis than perhaps would have otherwise been available within their budget.

With the D2H-developed process delivering high-quality analysis with higher mesh density and fast solve times, JTG Daugherty Racing’s aerodynamic development work was able to achieve incredibly effective results that didn’t come at a cost disadvantage. In competitive environments such as NASCAR, that quickly becomes an edge over rivals.

For JTG Daugherty Racing, that translated into a number of top-five finishes, a thrilling photo-finish 2nd place at Talladega, and a memorable pole position at the Daytona 500.


“D2H gave us access to state-of-the-art CFD tools and the experience to exploit them which would not normally be available to a team of our size. This helped us put cars on the track that are the equal of much larger teams with significantly deeper pockets. They provided practical, workable solutions that we could implement immediately to improve our race cars on a consistent, continuing basis. Quite simply, engaging D2H was one of the best investments we’ve made.”

– Dave Charpentier
JTG’s Director
of Engineering