Case Studies

We’ve helped our clients achieve some extraordinary results. Below are just a few of our recent projects.


Lightweight Composite Battery Housing

Our client, a US electric vehicle manufacturer, designed an aluminium prototype structural battery housing. But to meet the real world demands of their high performance vehicle, the production model needed to be lighter, stronger and stiffer. And it needed to be ready quickly.

Lighter, stronger, stiffer
Creating a market-leading composite battery housing.


Active Ride Height System

When a major automotive manufacturer needed a new solution for rapid, accurate and reliable changes in vehicle platform attitude, we quickly delivered a system that was robust, compact, flexible and totally unique.

Heightened performance
Developing an active ride height system against the clock.


Specialist 5 Axis Machining Centre Tailstock

Our client is a specialist engineering firm building gear systems for Formula One cars. But After years of looking for engineering support for theirwhen they couldn’t find a 5-Axis machining centre tailstock that delivered the micron-accuracy that F1 demands, they came to us for a fast, unique solution.

High precision, swift delivery
Engineering a 5-Axis machining centre tailstock unlike any other.