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About the D2H Group

We specialise in the origination, specification, design and development of solutions, systems and methodologies for a wide range of industries.

Founded in 2015, D2H has grown steadily since its inception and diversified as client requirements have driven adjusted in our ever-changing world. With a heritage in the very top level of motorsport the ethos of reacting fast to client requests, adapting to evolving project requirements and being a team player for our clients has been a cornerstone to our approach.

As the company has grown the original capabilities of aerodynamic design and development allied with mechanical engineering has been complemented by software and control system design and development. This allows D2H to provide a full suite of services to clients developing multifaceted projects without the need to manage multiple suppliers.

D2H Advanced Technologies has achieved excellent results for its clients across a broad range of applications.

Combined with industry leading CFD and FEA software, its proprietary tools raise both speed and quality, allowing rapid yet high-quality analysis, simulation and design.

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