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Aerodynamic and thermodynamic analysis, development, and design have formed the fundamental bedrock D2H has been built on from the company’s inception. The depth of experience of our engineers, combined with our world-class engineering tools, allow us to maximise the return on investment for our clients, operating in diverse fields from Olympic sports to automotive, defence to motorsport.

We offer our clients the right solution to solve the challenges they face. We aren’t limited to developing purely experimentally in a lab or via Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); we believe in using the right tool for the task and will adapt our approach according to the project’s needs in order to achieve the best results.

To ensure we can deliver, we have access to wind tunnel test facilities in the USA, UK and Europe that support the testing of anything from small-scale model components at low speeds through to full-size vehicles at 150mph or more, complete with controlled boundary layer rolling roads. Wind tunnel testing and development is a core skill that our engineers are well practiced in and we maintain the highest level of competence.

D2H has invested heavily in CFD tools and has one of the most comprehensive commercially-available CFD capabilities for SMEs and large organisations in the world today, accessing High Performance Computing capacity that gives us the capability to run cases with the highest fidelity models in compressed timeframes. Our commitment to ensuring we provide cost-effective, highly accurate results with a fast turnaround is key to our client’s successes both on the race-track and in business.

We also carry out experimental testing either in-house at our facilities in Buckingham, UK, or Winston Salem, USA, or at the most suitable testing facility for your project. We have supported testing at venues around the world, from runways in Australia to test circuits in Spain, and everywhere in-between.

  • Helping Microsoft keep their cool

    Our American office was approached by Microsoft to help solve a key challenge in their quest to develop a more efficient datacenter cooling system, using two-phase immersion cooling that would help the company towards the realisation of their emissions reduction goals. They tasked us with designing a passive method of removing air from the system that may be introduced during a maintenance procedure, as the air would have a detrimental effect on the overall cooling performance. By designing and constructing our own test rig, on which we could conduct a range of in-depth trials and analyses, and developing cutting edge CFD models for rapid design evaluation, we were able to deliver a passive air purging process as requested and deliver a modelling system that can be used for future system developments.

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  • Aerodynamics expertise drives NASCAR success

    JTG Daugherty Racing were keen to enhance their performance in the NASCAR Cup Series, and tasked us with developing aerodynamic improvements that would help achieve on-track success.

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  • Toyota Gazoo Racing UK BTCC aerodynamics package

    The Toyota Gazoo Racing UK team run by Speedworks in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) engaged us to develop the BTCC Corolla’s aerodynamic performance in a compressed timescale, which we achieved with our class-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

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