Toyota Gazoo Racing UK BTCC aerodynamics package

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Toyota Gazoo Racing UK BTCC aerodynamics package

The Toyota Gazoo Racing UK team run by Speedworks in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) engaged us to develop the BTCC Corolla’s aerodynamic performance in a compressed timescale, which we achieved with our class-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Despite the incredibly compressed timescales, we were able to deliver not just a full aero design but also the required bodywork package to achieve it in the real world. 

As a result of our involvement, average lap times were substantially reduced and the car went on to achieve a number of podium finishes, including an impressive double win at Thruxton.

Work on the project began in January with a detailed vehicle scan and, with a complete set of CAD data, the D2H team could embark on a full CFD analysis using a combination of ANSYS Fluent and our in-house developed software. 

Our approach to the process of CFD differs to the one used by many of our competitors. The perception of CFD analysis is often one that is affordable but unable to provide accurate results. By developing our own strategy that uses the accuracy of ANSYS Fluent together with our own complementary process software such as CAD-Check, we can deliver a high level of quality matched with unrivalled speed and consequently at a reduced cost compared to other providers. 

Our software quickly checks CAD data for viability early in the process, reducing the opportunity for failed runs which introduce cost and delays further down the line. As our work with Toyota Gazoo Racing proved, our process can save valuable days of development time, and as the process can be driven by an aero development engineer, there’s no requirement for separate CFD engineering input. 

A key element in our strategy is the use of far greater mesh densities – 20 times greater in this case – and this delivers significant accuracy improvements that allow us to analyse specific areas in much greater detail.  

When searching for incremental improvements in aerodynamic performance, this approach delivers real dividends, and by mid-March, we had delivered the completed bodywork to Toyota Gazoo Racing – two days ahead of schedule. 

Virtual analysis of the new aero package demonstrated a 0.75-second reduction in average lap times, a performance improvement that was soon realised on the track. 

With Tom Ingram at the wheel, the Toyota Gazoo Racing Corolla went on to claim several fastest laps, a number of podium finishes, and an exciting mid-season double win. The 2020 BTCC season concluded with Ingram placed a creditable fourth in the drivers’ championship. 


“D2H was able to offer us a combination of accurate CAD source data, high-quality CFD coupled to aero design, and an ability to manufacture the resulting bodywork design, all within a very tight timescale.

“This end-to-end process was the ideal solution for Speedworks, enabling us to advance the Corolla’s performance ahead of the 2020 season. The results speak for themselves!” 

– Christian Dick
Team principal