Meet the Team

Darren Davies - Founder & CEO

Darren Davies

Founder & CEO

MEng in Aeronautical Engineering (Imperial College, London)

MEng in Aeronautical Engineering (Imperial College, London) 

Main experiences:
Long career in pinnacle motorsports around the world (F1, Indycar, NASCAR, Le Mans….) with multiple victories and championships. Moved out of motorsport to help deliver engineering projects in architecture, refrigeration and commercial vehicles, eventually leading to founding of the D2H Group in 2014.

Engineering disciplines and skills:
Fluid dynamics and thermodynamics expertise with strong all-around engineering skills and experiences. Project management and risk management skills, honed in the good-times and the bad-times.

Hobbies and passions:
Always family first, then rugby and any other sport, and then my growing farm of small livestock and pets at home.