Meet the Team

Aidan Jones - Engineer

Aidan Jones


MEng, Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering, Cambridge University

Main Experiences
Through his time at university, Aidan was very involved with the Formula Student team, Full Blue Racing. There, he developed his skills as an aerodynamicist within the team, producing the team’s CFD models and a first-generation aero package. He then moved to a role as Technical Director of the team, developing an understanding of structural analysis, fabrication, vehicle dynamics and simulation, electronics, and team management in order to get a car to competitions in the UK and in Europe. At D2H, Aidan focuses on aerodynamics, thermodynamics and CFD for projects across a wide range of industries.

Engineering disciplines and skills
CFD modelling, CAD, Python, analytical and intuitive understanding of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics and mechanics. Mathematical modelling and systems simulation, data analysis and interpretation.

Hobbies and passions
Metalworking, woodworking, skiing, tennis, piano, trumpet, ukulele, guitar.