Meet the Team

Abel Csanaki - Software Engineer

Abel Csanaki

Software Engineer

Computing and Information Technology (with Hons) BSc (– University of Surrey) - Control Engineering Fundamentals course (- University of Cambridge online)

Main Experiences:
At university Abel got a good general background in everything software related and had a few modules in business and finance too. He specialised in Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

He got his working experience from being part of projects at D2H, mainly concerning control systems for EVs and industrial machines, recently working more on systems in motorsports as well. He has gathered a wide range of knowledge in electronics, controls, full-stack software development and has a good understanding of the real-life application of things he is working on.

Engineering disciplines and skills:
Writing, developing, and maintaining software in any language or format (most notably Python and MATLAB Simulink). Complete control system and system architecture design, testing, development, deployment, and maintenance. Handling and analysis of large datasets, producing valuable insight in all applications (business-insights, vehicle-level, motorsport, etc.), including design of systems to collect said data.

Hobbies and passions:
Ultimate Frisbee player. Likes outdoor activities like hiking, running, or just taking a walk and happy to try almost any sport. Lover of travel, nature, and mountains. Big fan of motorsport, well-engineered cars, and pretty much anything that goes faster than 120 mph.