Specialist 5 Axis Machining Centre Tailstock

High precision, swift delivery
Engineering a 5-Axis machining centre tailstock unlike any other.

Our client is a specialist engineering firm building gear systems for Formula One cars. After years of looking for engineering support for their 5-Axis machining centre tailstock that delivered the micron-accuracy that F1 demands, they came to us for a fast, unique solution.

We studied the client requirements, then took control of the whole process – from concept development and engineering design; to stress analysis, manufacturing sourcing, assembly and eventual installation support. Working closely with the client at every stage to critique and refine the design.


 Our super-accurate moving tailstock offers a range of fine adjustment control, that maintained stiffness in every set-up position, along with the capacity to be withdrawn in the event of a machine E-Stop event. Moving fast to meet the client’s tight deadlines, we delivered what other suppliers had failed to do – a solution with greater precision than anything else on the market.