Lightweight Composite Battery Housing

Lighter, stronger, stiffer
Creating a market-leading composite battery housing.

Our client, a US electric vehicle manufacturer, designed an aluminium prototype structural battery housing. But to meet the real world demands of their high performance vehicle, the production model needed to be lighter, stronger and stiffer. And it needed to be ready quickly.

We worked with them to develop an all-new carbon composite alternative, bringing skills and experience the client didn’t have in-house. Our end-to-end process covered everything from initial concept, through to consulting with manufacturers to ensure the design could be achieved cost-effectively, and then physically validating the performance.

Working fast, we designed, tested, optimised and delivered a composite housing that incorporated all the cooling and power electronic services, while still offering major advantages in weight, strength and stiffness – along with improved packaging and installation in the chassis.

Overall, our composite design met every stiffness and strength target, and comfortably exceeded the client’s mass reduction targets at the same time.