Active Ride Height System

Heightened performance
Developing an active ride height system against the clock.

When a major automotive manufacturer needed a new solution for rapid, accurate and reliable changes in vehicle platform attitude, we quickly delivered a system that was robust, compact, flexible and totally unique.

The client’s own system had underperformed and their production deadlines were approaching fast. But with a streamlined approach, we were able to rapidly design, test and manufacture a bespoke solution. Covering everything from CAD design, finite element FE stress analysis, control system design, software development and precision manufacturing procurement, to full on-site commissioning and testing.

The result? A system delivering sub-millimetre, closed-loop control of the vehicle platform; collecting more data points for more accurate aerodynamic testing. Complete with an intuitive UI allowing simple controls to send and receive data from customer systems for full integration. All making substantial time and money savings in the process.

Plus, with only minor hardware adjustments, our active ride height adjustment system can be fitted to a whole range of the client’s vehicles – from family saloons to single-seat racers – giving the client a wealth of insight and long-lasting value.